Renter’s Insurance: Why this Coverage Is So Important

If you value your property, your life and the lives of others, then you absolutely must have renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance carries many benefits and is incredibly affordable, and is an absolute must for any renter.

Here are just a few of the reasons as to why having renter’s insurance is so important.

Insurance Protects Your Dwelling from Potential Damage

As most people know, the purpose of most insurance programs is to protect your possessions from damage, and this is the same with rental insurance. You can’t predict the future – especially when it comes to theft, water damage and personal injury – so it’s important to stay protected. You simply never know when a fire may break out, a water pipe might burst or any other damage may occur, so it is best to have coverage in place for the unexpected. Many policies can also protect you against personal injury, too, so if you have your friends over and one of them slips and falls, you can be protected against liability.

Protection Against Theft

What’s worse than having your property damaged? How about having it stolen? Many of us have computers, jewelry, firearms, valuable silverware or and other important or expensive items in our homes or apartments, so you want to be protected in case of a burglary that quite literally robs you of these valued possessions. Just think of how important your computer is to your day-to-day life or how cherished your jewelry is – both in terms of value and of sentimentality. Recovering your stolen property can be close to impossible, but with renter’s insurance, at least some of the burden can be lessened and you can more easily get back the important belongings in your life.

It Is Incredibly Affordable

Unlike many other forms of insurance, renter’s insurance is actually very affordable for just about every type of dwelling. When all’s said and done, the costs could literally amount to mere cents a day, and if you combine it with your auto or life insurance, then it could be even cheaper.

Many Property Owners and Landlords Require It

Another reason to get renter’s insurance is that you may actually have to. More and more property owners and landlords are including a clause in their leases that state the tenant must carry a renter’s insurance policy. This is not their way of having you insure their property – that is covered through a different type of policy – but it helps keep you and your items covered no matter what may happen while you live at the home or apartment.

At The Lewis Financial Group, we offer all types of cost-effective insurance products, including renter’s insurance for home and apartment renters. We also have many experts on staff who can help you to select the best plan for you and discuss options and discounts that you may be eligible for, as well. Don’t leave your belongings at risk. Call us today in West Virginia at 304-242-3355 or in Ohio at 740-699-2636 to learn more.

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