Mobile & Modular Home Insurance Plans

Do you own a mobile or modular-style home? These properties are popular for their adaptability and lower purchasing price compared to conventional homes and have distinctive insurance needs. The Lewis Financial Group works with Foremost Insurance Group to provide mobile and modular homeowners with the coverage they need to protect their property and investment.

Just like any other home, your modular or mobile home is susceptible to damage or loss from a range of outside factors. Natural disasters, like tornadoes, windstorms or excessive snowfall can damage or destroy your home, and fires or floods can lead to total losses of your property and personal belongings. Having your home and its contents covered with insurance helps protect your investment and ensure if the worst occurs, you can quickly be made whole again.

Your home is one of the largest investments you may ever make, and holds all of your belongings as well – your valuables, your memories and your most cherished items. Disaster can strike in an instant, and while nothing can truly recover, what priceless belongings may have been lost, having proper insurance for your mobile home or modular house helps you rebuild.

Protect your home, your property and your investment with comprehensive insurance through The Lewis Financial Group. Learn more and discuss your options with us today by calling 866-709-5206.