Whole Life Insurance

When planning for your future, is whole life insurance part of your picture? If it is not, it should be, and The Lewis Financial Group can help.

Whole life insurance serves as an anchor, helping to keep stability and your lifestyle in place during your retirement and beyond. This insurance program does more than just help take care of expenses in the event of your death; it can also help provide for you throughout your life and provide collateral to borrow against when you need it most.

A whole life insurance policy provides value used to fund your children’s college education, pay off your mortgage, or serve as income replacement for your family. This comprehensive program features fixed premium payments that will never change, even with fluctuations in interest rates and stock markets. Plus, you can even get a loan on the cash value stated in the contract to help pay for emergencies or anticipated needs throughout your life.

Whole life insurance is designed with exactly that in mind – your whole life. This product is meant to help make you financially solvent and stable no matter what you experience in your life, providing continuous and consistent value you can trust and rely on.

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Disclaimers: The foregoing is neither a contract nor an offer to contract, but is a general description of benefits available under a contract providing the benefits outlined. The exact provisions, terms and conditions of the contract are set forth in detail in an such contract as may be issued. Rates and benefits are based on applicant’s age and ability to qualify. The contract has limitations. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your American National insurance agent.

1. Tax-deferred growth: income and growth an accumulated cash values have been held by the Tax Court to be generally taxable upon withdrawal. (T.H. Cohen, 3a TC 1055 (1963), ace.1964-1 CB 4 also, IRC Sec.72) Consult your tax advisor or attorney on your specific situation.

2. A two-year suicide provision is included in policies (one year in Colorado, North Dakota and Missouri). If a policyholder commits suicide during the first two policy years, only a refund of premiums will be made.

3. Tax-free death benefits – Proceeds from a life insurance contract paid because of the death of the insured re generally excludable from the beneficiary’s gross income for tax purposes. (IRC Sec. 101(a)(1))