Disability Income Protection

An injury or unexpected illness can turn an individual’s world upside down. A serious illness can leave someone in the hospital for a long period of time, or a catastrophic injury can leave a person immobile for an extended recovery period. No matter the cause, these situations can leave an employed individual out of work, which can only make matters worse when a spouse, children, pets, monthly bills and rent or mortgages expenses are added to the equation.

Just because an individual can’t work, doesn’t mean the bills stop coming. That’s why The Lewis Financial Group offers our clients disability income protection plans that can help disabled individuals receive some sort of income while they are out of work. Our plans offer a range of benefits, including:

• Variable elimination periods
• Different the benefit periods, ranging from six months to until age 65
• Receive income protection that’s guaranteed renewable at age 65, with coverage that cannot be canceled as long as premiums are paid
• Cover the individuals own occupation, providing comparable compensation to employment
• Benefits can be paid in addition to Social Security or workers’ compensation
• Receive your benefits tax-free when the policy premiums are paid

The professionals at The Lewis Financial Group understand that you want to protect your loved ones, assets and way of life through whatever life may challenge you with, and we are happy to discuss all options with our clients to allow them to plan for the future and any potential situation. To learn more about disability income protection programs, call our offices today at 866-709-5206.