Watercraft & Boat Insurance

Owning a boat and heading out on the water is fantastic fun, especially on those sweltering summer days. When out on the waves, you always make sure to wear sunscreen to keep yourself from getting burned, but is your watercraft insurance enough to make sure you do not get burned in case of an accident or damaged equipment?

The Lewis Financial Group offers a full range of watercraft insurance programs to protect you and your belongings aboard your personal watercraft or boat. Beyond standard liability, medical expenses and loss or damage coverage, we extend insurance programs for coastal water (more than 75 miles from shore), wreckage removal, primary motor depreciation and more, allowing you to ride calm seas knowing your vessel is protected.

We also offer a full range of discount options to make your insurance coverage more affordable, including discounts for multiple policies or multiple watercraft, claim free discounts, safety course incentives and more. Have a new boat or personal watercraft? We also have gap insurance coverage available to insure your vessel for difference between actual cash value and loan balance, protecting you for up to $10,000 in case of a total loss of your new watercraft.

Make sure you have all the coverage you need today by speaking with the team at The Lewis Financial Group by calling 866-709-5206.