Landscape & Garden Designer Insurance

Landscaping has become more and more popular in recent years, and business for landscape designers is booming. With so many projects all throughout the spring, summer and fall, there is no shortage of work – as long as all of your tools, vehicles and equipment are running properly. Do not find yourself suffering from long down times due to equipment failures or theft; make sure you have insurance protection to keep your business moving smoothly with The Lewis Financial Group.

You have a wide variety of insurance needs as a landscaper. You probably have facilities where you store your tools and heavy equipment, plus all of your plants and other landscaping features between jobs. Ensuring you are properly insured is vital to protect these assets from theft, fire, natural disasters and other threats.

What about your vehicles, heavy equipment like backhoes, and other machinery? If damaged, rolled over or stolen, the downtime can leave you unable to work. We offer replacement cost coverage on machinery, tools and equipment to help you quickly get back on the job to keep both you and your customers happy.

We also offer coverage programs to protect your business and clients from liability concerns. Liability coverage for contractors includes protection for completed work, contractual issues, fires, personal injury and much more.

As a landscaper, you are used to taking a property and making it look better, so let us do the same for your insurance coverage. We are experienced in providing tailor-made insurance programs for businesses just like yours and can look at your current coverage to find gaps in your protection or opportunities to save you money with our suite of insurance products. Call The Lewis Financial Group today at 866-709-5206 to get started.