Personal Insurance

At The Lewis Financial Group, we’re committed to helping you provide for your family, even when times are hard. That’s why we offer a broad range of life, health and disability insurance programs that ensure that your family will be able to cover expenses and live comfortably even after loss of income due to death, illness or disability.

While you won’t always be there to provide financial stability to your family, our life, disability and health insurance programs protect your home, your children’s education and your family’s financial security from tragic and unexpected events.

We offer a wide spectrum of American National products that suit every need, including:

Universal life insurance to help protect your family and their financial dreams, such as home ownership, college education or a comfortable retirement, in case the unimaginable happens.
Whole life insurance to offer lifelong stability and protection in the case of a breadwinner’s death.
Term life insurance to cover temporary financial problems that result from a breadwinner’s death.
Disability insurance to protect your family against loss of income when you are unable to work.
Health insurance to make sure that surgeries, medications and other health-related expenses don’t threaten your family’s quality of life.

Don’t wait for the unthinkable to happen – contact The Lewis Financial Group today by calling 866-709-5206 or submit an inquiry on our website to learn how to protect yourself and your family with a tailor-made insurance program from us.