Small Farm & Hobby Ranch Insurance

Do you have a large property and use a portion of it for a hobby farm or small ranching operation? Whether you offer space for a select number of horses, operate a vegetable stand or keep a Christmas tree plantation as part of your property, we can insure your assets for your operation.

A majority of the clients who participate in our small farm and ranch programs do not make their primary income from their operation. Rather, these clients use their property for supplemental income or hobby farming, but still have unique demands for equipment and other expenses that require protection. Typically, these clients have a small amount of income or a modest number of large or small animals on their property.

These at-home operations require unique, customized insurance programs. We can discuss your ranch or farm scope and work with you to create a tailor-made plan to insure not only your operation and associated equipment and assets, but also your personal property, outbuildings and other belongings in a single product. Our plans provide liability coverage. Our flexible and adaptive plans provide you with the coverage you need without making you pay for unnecessary protection.

Find out more about our custom plans and how they help your operation by contacting The Lewis Financial Group at 866-709-5206.