General Liability Insurance for Horses & Equine Farms

There are a lot of considerations at hand when raising or stabling horses. These operations have a lot at stake, and require ample property for the animals to train and roam, not to mention facilities to keep horses protected from the elements at all times of year. If you are in the business of raising, stabling, training, racing, breeding or selling horses, you need insurance, and The Lewis Financial Group can help.

Experienced in equine insurance programs, we know the unique features of equestrian businesses and can help you find the coverage you need to protect your facilities and your assets. We offer a range of products to cover your personal buildings, like your home or garage, as well as your business structures, including barns, outbuildings and storage facilities. We also insure your heavy machinery and equipment, in addition to tack, farm supplies, hay, feed and more.

We also offer liability coverage to insure you against accidents or other issues that may occur on your grounds, including injuries to horses or trainers. As an added option, we can discuss insurance plans that offer liability protection from injuries to animals or even death that may occur while a horse is in your custody – something not always covered in standard policies. Liability programs can also cover unique aspects of your business, such as sleigh or carriage rides, rider instruction, hosted clinics or shows and more.

We have worked with countless horse and equine operations over the years, and we can work with you to find the protection you need without additional expenses for unnecessary coverage. Let us review your current coverage and determine how we can help you save money and get peace of mind today by calling 866-709-5206.