Life Insurance - Benefit Riders

Life is unpredictable and having life insurance coverage that works according to your situation gives you more security. Benefit riders give you and your family more flexibility and allow you to get the most from your insurance plan as situations change. You can receive benefits when you need them most, without waiting, so you can take care of important expenses, debts, medical bills or other obstacles.

Benefit riders may be added to your insurance plan without additional premiums. These options allow you to receive life insurance benefits without the death of the insured, such as in the case of a chronic or terminal illness. These benefits give you and your family financial flexibility, allowing you to cope with pressing financial concerns related to the illness or injury and allowing you to help manage medical expenses, lost income and other concerns. Benefit riders may not be tax exempt, as many other life insurance benefits are, so it is important to discuss the tax implications with a tax adviser before adding benefit riders to your plan.

There are many different types of benefit riders to add to your insurance plan and your insurance agent can provide you with more information on each. Call The Lewis Financial Group at 866-709-5206 today to learn more about life insurance benefits for you and your family, and benefit riders that can give your plan the flexibility you need to plan for the future.