Specialty Car Insurance

Sometimes a car is more than a car; sometimes it is a passion. For those gearheads who love their unique autos, The Lewis Financial Group offers a range of specialty car insurance programs to keep your precious ride protected.

We offer a wide range of coverage options for unique, classic and custom cars and trucks, including restored antique vehicles, hot rods, kit cars, original classics and more. We also provide high-end protection for owners of exotic vehicles – $100,000 in value and higher – to keep your investment protected wherever the road takes you.

Our protection options just start there, with a full suite of additional features available to give you peace of mind that you are covered the way you choose to be covered. We offer flatbed towing coverage, agreed value programs (which cover the listed value of the auto as agreed to in your policy), low-mileage plans, shared deductible options when multiple items are damaged in an accident and even spare parts coverage to protect your rare or hard-to-find OEM or custom replacement equipment.

Leaving your prized auto in the garage is not fun, but you want to make sure when you take it out for a spin, you have the coverage you want. With us, you can rest easy and know you are protected. To find out more about our specialty auto insurance programs, call 866-709-5206 to speak with The Lewis Financial Group today.