Individual Retirement Strategies

Planning for retirement can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. In today’s changing economy, retirees can no longer rely on a company pension to help maintain their lifestyle. More Americans than ever are expected to accumulate their own retirement savings, and it can be difficult to choose which products to use and how much money to contribute.

Fortunately, The Lewis Financial Group is here to help. We offer friendly, knowledgeable service that helps retirees-to-be in West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky develop retirement strategies that ensure a comfortable standard of living even after they stop earning a salary.

We’ll help structure a retirement program for you that meets your needs, which can include a wide range of different products, including:

• Traditional IRAs
• Roth IRAs
• 401(k) rollover IRAs
• Profit sharing plans
• Money purchase plans
• Tax-deferred retirement annuities
• 403(b) plans

When you work with us, we’ll take into account your unique situation, including estate preservation, family business succession, current income and transfer of wealth, to create a strategy that maximizes your potential long-term retirement savings.

If you’d like to take the stress out of retirement planning, call us toll-free at 866-709-5206 today to set up an appointment. Our dedicated, professional agents stand ready to help you plan for your retirement so you can relax and enjoy it.