Insurance Agent Career Positions

The Lewis Financial Group is always looking to expand in West Virginia, Ohio, PA and our other service areas, and we offer many benefits for those thinking of starting or continuing their career in insurance. If you’ve been considering becoming an insurance agent, apply to join our team.

Working with The Lewis Financial Group, you’ll have the chance to help your friends, family and neighbors find the protection that they need to keep their life, property and businesses secure no matter what life brings. A career in insurance is rewarding, as every day you help people protect the things that are most important to them and their lives and help them to recover from tragedies or disasters so that they can reclaim a sense of normalcy in their lives.


When you work with us, you’ll have access to a full range of insurance protection programs that can suit any individual client or need. You’ll also receive support and training to help you understand each product and offer the most complete insurance coverage that can protect from any unforeseen circumstance.

Agents with us are also eligible for exclusive training opportunities, including marketing conferences in exotic cities all around the world. Financing opportunities are available, as well, plus merit and incentive pay programs can help you grow your business and your bottom line while helping your clients find leading coverage options to keep them covered.

To learn more and to get started on exploring an exciting new career with The Lewis Financial Group, call us today at 866-709-5206.