Rural & Personal Homeowner's Insurance

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you may ever make, so it is important to make sure it is protected. Homeowner’s insurance is a must for any residential property owner, and at The Lewis Financial Group, we help protect your home and everything in it.

Our homeowner’s insurance programs offer a wide range of coverage for your house and belongings. Insurance protection helps you become whole again if you ever suffer a fire, flood or other natural disaster at your home, and can help you return to normalcy quickly. We also offer liability insurance protection, which helps cover you against injury or harm claims from guests or other visitors to your property.

In addition to traditional insurance programs, we offer coverage to protect you in other circumstances. Every home and property is different, so we can customize a homeowner’s insurance package to also cover outbuildings like sheds or garages, credit card forgery that impacts your finances, content replacement coverage to insure your belongings and even extended coverage if you have rare, special or unique belongings in need of extra insurance protection.

No one ever wants to imagine something terrible happening to their home, but having insufficient insurance protection can leave you hurting even more as you try to put your life back together. Do not gamble with your home; make sure you have all the coverage you need with The Lewis Financial Group. Discuss your needs with us today by calling 866-709-5206.