Personal Liability Insurance

Accidents happen every day, whether in your car, on your home, business or farm or while on the water in your boat. Liability insurance helps to cover you in case of accidents, but what happens when there is a judgment against you for more than what your insurance covers?

Personal liability insurance from The Lewis Financial Group can help to protect you from large judgments that may be more than what you are covered for under your existing policies. Designed to afford additional protection for you and your assets, this coverage can deliver as much as $5 million in additional liability coverage in case of a lawsuit, property damage or bodily injury claim against you.

A person could slip and fall on a sidewalk in front of your office or home and get injured, costing thousands in medical expenses and perhaps leading to a lawsuit against you. If you are found liable and the judgment is for more than your policy coverage, you could be facing wage garnishments, liens against your home or car, confiscation of bonds or stocks and more. With additional personal liability coverage, however, you would be protected, allowing you to settle the matter without threats against your personal property and prosperity.

Do not let an accident ruin your financial future. Learn more about additional personal liability protection coverage from The Lewis Financial group by calling 866-709-5206 today.