Health Insurance

Health insurance is essential to have and can even help those who have it save money. People don’t often realize how expensive something as simple as an annual physical at the doctors can be until they receive a bill in the mail. An unexpected trip to the ER, for instance, can lead to some hefty expenses, as well, which is why having health insurance to cover your out-of-pocket costs is incredibly important.

Having a health insurance program is vital for individuals and families alike, and is now required under the Affordable Care Act. It gives people peace of mind knowing they are covered for both scheduled appointments and the unexpected. Health insurance is designed to cover costs that are related to a person’s health, including anything from prescriptions and doctor’s appointments to hospital visits and urgent care, to name a few.

There are different plans that offer different coverage options, and we’re here to help clients fully understand each one. At The Lewis Financial Group, we can assist you in finding the insurance coverage you need that is tailored to the needs of yourself and your family. Together we can review the options available and how each plan can benefit your needs and work with your budget. From group health insurance and individual health insurance to major medical plans, qualified health plans and catastrophic plans, we ensure our clients find the right program to suit their health care needs.

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